Seelos Ministry of Hope

Throughtout the year our Parish Ministry is present to our community with visits to the poor, sick, elderly and disabled. Throughout the year we provide utility and rental assistance, food from our Food Pantry, fans during the summer months, schools supplies for our children, referral to the SVdPS community pharmacy, thrift stores and shelter at the Ozanam Inn. Thanksgiving finds us preparing food baskets and Christmas is always a joy helping parents to provide gifts for their children, our angels!

Sometimes, it’s easier to forget about the plight of the disadvantaged people in our community. You can be assured, however, that the members of our Parish Ministry continue their work everyday as they are called to do. Every person we see represents an opportunity to serve our Lord.

 Every time we go to Mass, our last instruction is to “Go and serve the Lord and one another”. Hopefully, the beautiful language of the Mass is not just the end of the service, but also a reminder of what is to be our mission on earth, until we see our Master and Lord in heaven.

If you would like more information call  (504) 943-5560