Baptism is the first of the three sacraments of initiation, followed by the Eucharist and Confirmation. We get glimpses of Baptism in the Old Testament: sin was wiped out from the world with the Great Flood, the Israelites were liberated from slavery by traveling through the parted Red Sea, and they received their inheritance promised to them by God when they crossed the Jordan River. In the New Testament, Jesus models the first baptism of the Spirit before starting his earthly ministry, and his disciples built the early church by encouraging people to repent and be baptized. The sacrament of baptism, therefore, has two main effects: forgiveness of original and personal sin and incorporation into the body of Christ with its associated responsibilities and promises. These effects are represented by the symbols of Baptism:

·         Water: purification, burial into Christ’s death, new birth with Christ

·         Oil: anointing as priest, prophet, and king

·         White garment: symbol of having “put on Christ”

·         Candle: enlightenment

 Baptism of infants is offered to registered parishioners of Blessed Seelos Parish after weekend Masses. There is no cost for having your child baptized. Depending on availability, our pastor or our deacon will perform the baptism. Prior to having your child baptized, you will need to contact the parish office to complete the required paperwork and to arrange for attending a Baptism seminar. These seminars are meant to be catechetical for parents and godparents and are offered in the parish center in the evening on the first Monday of each month.

 Baptism of adults is performed simultaneously with First Holy Communion and Confirmation as part of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) program. Please visit our RCIA page.

Blessed Seelos Parish keeps records of all baptisms performed at our church as well as those performed at Annunciation, St. Gerard Parish for the Hearing Impaired, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Cecilia, and Sts. Peter and Paul. A $7 donation is appreciated for obtaining a baptismal certificate. Please fill out the Baptismal Certificate Request Form and mail or email it to the church to initiate obtaining your certificate.