Death - Funerals

In case of serious illness, please notify the parish office as soon as possible. It is always good for our pastor to be informed of any parishioner who is struggling with his or her health in order to assist them in a timely fashion.  The Church offers many opportunities to pray with our brothers and sisters as they approach death and also to console family members in this difficult journey.

When there is a death in the family, the members of that family are asked to call the parish office 504-943-5566 and to meet with the priest to prepare for the Funeral liturgy.  This preparation is very important, and our parish church is very willing to accommodate vigils and funerals inside our church, in fact this is our preference instead of the funeral home.  Those details can be discussed with our pastor at that time, and we will work for what is best for our parishioners when such difficult moment arrives.

The selection of readings, ministers for the funeral liturgy, and people to offer words of remembrance before the liturgy or after communion are all part of the planning process.  The music selection is also very important so that the liturgy can reflect not only the feelings of our parishioners but also of the Church during this time of loss.

Be assured of our prayers for you if you are facing the death of a loved one.

Look at the following link for possibilities in choosing the readings for the funeral liturgy:

Hope it helps and brings consolation as you read the Word of God and choose appropriate readings for the Eucharist.  Usually there should be a reading from the Old Testament, a Responsorial Psalm, a reading from the New Testament and then the Gospel from one of the four evangelists.