Pastor’s Message

March 26, 2017

I welcome you to the pages of this website.  There is a wealth of information in these pages that will help you to get to know our community, to participate in our community, and to give us the privilege to serve you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!  The Catholic Church wants to be a welcoming community, and we at Blessed Seelos take this call very seriously.  We believe strongly that everyone has a place in the Church of Jesus Christ and that there is no better commitment than the one we make to God and to work for the building of His Kingdom in a world that very much needs His presence.  May God continue to lead you and guide you as you read, watch, and use our website. May it be a source of peace and strength to you.

We are very excited at this time with our new parish anniversary book that you can purchase for $45.00 by calling our office at 504-943-5566.    There is a special donations tap you can access for easy payment of your donation!  May God bless you abundantly!


 My Article for the Bulletin (March 26, 2017 - 4th Sunday of Lent)

Mi Artículo para el Boletín Parroquial (26 de marzo del 2017 - 4to Domingo de Cuaresma) 

 As I mentioned to you in my homily last Sunday, we have entered into the most intense part of this Lent, as the readings become longer and the themes very much in line with the ancient baptismal catechesis of the Church.  I hope you were able to find out your baptism date—the day you received new life—and today we ask God for the gift of new sight.  The nameless man-born-blind represents all of us in the same fashion that the Samaritan woman became an example for us of our baptismal journey of conversion.  Once we become part of the family of God through baptism, we have to ask for the wisdom to remain in this ongoing process of constant renewal and conversion.  Many times, we need the basics in the faith, since honestly, for the most part, we are under-evangelized.  But at some point, we should move from the basics of shallow rivers into deeper waters.  The blind man is also on a journey of faith that takes him from “the man called Jesus,” to “He is a prophet,” to “I do believe, Lord.”  Let us ask the Lord today that we may see him more clearly every day!

 Como les decía el domingo pasado en mi homilía, hemos entrado en la parte más intensa de esta cuaresma.  Las lecturas se hacen más largas y los temas concuerdan con la antigua catequesis bautismal de la Iglesia.  Espero que hayan podido encontrar el día de su bautismo—en que recibieron nueva vida—y hoy le pedimos a Dios el regalo de una nueva visión.  El ciego de nacimiento nos representa a todos nosotros de la misma manera que la mujer samaritana es un ejemplo de nuestra jornada bautismal de conversión.  Una vez nos convertimos en parte de la familia de Dios a través del bautismo, debemos pedir la sabiduría para permanecer en este proceso de constante renovación y conversión.  Muchas veces necesitamos lo más básico de nuestra fe, ya que honestamente, no hemos sido evangelizados.  Pero en algún momento, debemos movernos de las aguas superficiales del riachuelo a las aguas más profundas.  El ciego de nacimiento está también en una jornada de fe que lo lleva del “hombre que llaman Jesús,” a “es un profeta,” a “Señor, yo creo.”  ¡Pidámosle al Señor hoy que lo podamos ver más claramente todos los días!



We have begun Lent 2017.  Remember daily Mass at 8am every day and also an extra Spanish Mass Thursday at 6pm.  Also every Friday of Lent Way of the Cross at 630pm in Church!  Hope to see you there...


Happy Feast of the Annunciation!


Hemos comenzado la Cuaresma 2017.  Recuerden la Misa diaria a las 8am y una misa extra en español los jueves a las 6pm.  También todos los viernes de cuaresma, Via Crucis a las 630pm en la Iglesia.  ¡Les esperamos!


¡Feliz Dia de la Anunciación!


In Christ,

Fr. José
Very Rev. José I. Lavastida